The following testimonials are taken directly from Linked-in

“Over the last few months David has worked with our company to assist us in understanding and defining our strategic direction. At the same time he has empowered us to uncover and more deeply consider the real business issues we have been, and still are, faced with.

His frank, honest approach in challenging us has been invaluable, and every day I can see the changes that he has helped us bring about come to life. We will continue to work with David on a regular basis for the foreseeable future.” Lauren Hatting, Clarendon Marketing

“I have worked with David for several years and have always found him extremely insightful, thought provoking and considered him more of a mentor than a consultant. He has provided invaluable help and support both professionally and personally.

David has an uncanny knack of continually being right in both his assumptions and his predictions, which reinforces the fact that he knows what he is talking about. I would highly recommend David to anyone looking to further develop themselves and their company, in realising their full potential, and focusing on the important things in life.”  Paul Harvey, Concordia Health

“David joined us in Australia to assist take the Company to the next level. After the 3 year plan had been implemented and achieved, we needed a fresh outlook and approach and definitely some-one who thinks outside the box. David spent 3 weeks with the business and I was extremely impressed with how quick he came up to speed with our industry and market and therefore started contributing to our cause within a week of arriving.

With his subtle approach to all company issues and his endless quest for rationale behind decision making, one starts to appreciate the speed and extent he changes your way of analysing problems and arriving at solutions.

He introduced us to many basic good work practices that you forget while running a business and “taking a step back to sharpen the axe” are words worth their weight in gold!

I thank David for his advice, guidance and assistance in keeping my company on track and we will hopefully have him back over in Australia to make sure we have not fallen into old habits again soon.

I highly recommend David’s expertise and services to any Senior Management or Company owners whom have not had any external Strategic Review in the last 3 years. .” James Cockburn, SEQ Campers

“David is master of the written word and his help and advice has given us promotional material that reflects our business perfectly. His simple suggestions have made huge differences to the daily running of our business going forward. One word describes David Foster – Brilliant!”  Linda Berry, Table B’hote

“David provided several days of coaching to various employees at middle management level who were experiencing issues due to a host of factors. David’s support in providing appropriate coaching has resulted in all that attended making significant improvements post training and are now back better able to manage situations more effectively. David consistently demonstrated a professional and adaptable approach to suit the needs of the business and gave excellent value/service for money. We recommend David and would not hesitate to employ his services again in the future.” P Thompson, Interim HR Manager, BAE Systems AeI

“David is one of the exceptional EMBA alumni I had the priviledge to work with when I was at LBS. He is an extremely conscientious and committed interviewer and mentor and has strong listening skills. I was always impressed by David’s insights and ability to probe at interviews, whilst giving candidates the opportunity to express themselves at their best. When I spoke to David about my entrepreneurial projects, I found him very helpful and keen on sharing his knowdge and giving good advice.” Sara Strafino, Admissions and Marketing Manager, London Business School

“David is one of those rare individuals who really does understand business and really does understand people. The results he produces speak for themselves. I am pleased now to be in a position to be able call David a friend as well as a colleague.” Bill Faust, Career DNA Bank Ltd

“David was my mentor on my Executive MBA Programme in LBS and really helped me make the most of my time in school. David is great in listening and reflecting back, so to help you clarify and understand your views and directions. David really put in the time and effort in this mentorship, despite being very busy with running a business. He still continues to act as my mentor, five years after the MBA programme has completed.”  Avishai Moor, Sainsbury’s

“David is the Business Partner we all want and should have! He knows all about and is genuinely interested in business and his innovative approach was invaluable during our collaboration.”  Penina Shepherd, Acumen Business Law

“David from day one when I met him ten years ago always had a different & refreshing way to solve a problem. In the infancy of Bacardi Breezer, David created some fantastic marketing programs that helped kick start the brand. A great person to work with, never a dull moment”  Rog Harrison, Puma UK

“David is highly conscientious and passionate about all he is involved in. He was reliable, honest and approachable. He provided a motivated and well managed sales team that worked well with our brand.”  Sarah Lewis, American Express

“Over a period of many years, David has proved again and again his ability to understand a brief intuitively, execute it professionally no matter how challenging it might be, and face up to problems with honesty and humour.”  John Bunyard, The Newcomen Group

“David has a very calm approach, gives considered advice and is highly skilled at drawing out the real issues. As a result he is able to help whoever he is coaching to define the conclusions for themselves.”  Nigel Woods, Need More Sales

“Excellent service and a great guy. David has been instrumental in the growth of Qype.co.uk. His knowledge of the online space is excellent, his academic approach is refreshing and his ability to go the extra mile helped our frugal start up find direction and grow quickly from the very beginning.”  Andrew Hunter, Qype

“David is like the ultimate hangover cure. In the relatively short time that I have known him, he has helped me clear the ever-present fog that comes with running two businesses and distilled clarity, vision and direction from the raging thought-processes that previously filled my head. He has become my friend, mentor and coach, without me even realising it and his opinions and real-world experience are of huge value. If you want help in answering the questions that fill you as an entrepreneur or business manager, David will help you find the answers from within and, most importantly, ensure you are empowered to see them through. Oh, he’s got a thinly veiled competitive streak, too, so failure is NOT an option!”  Nick Broom, Preview

“David brought new focus to our marketing strategy. He very quickly understood the current issues and recommended real, workable solutions and actions within virtually one meeting.”  Rachel Hills, Train2Gain

“David was instrumental and inspirational in assisting me in setting up my own company. He gave of his time without wish for reward and is always thinking of useful introductions between colleagues and friends.”  Brie Burkeman, Burkeman & Clarke

“David acted as my mentor when at London Business School. He really went out of his way to support me throughout the 2 years and provided extremely sound and pertinent advice, which I still benefit from today. David clearly has the leadership and teamwork skills which make him stand out from the crowd.”  Amit Somani, Deloitte