Massage in the workplace

Readers of my comments on the Management Today blog will know by now that I am a passionate advocate of employee engagement and of the tangible results that can be achieved by making incrementally small changes to the relationship between employers and their staff.

There are numerous easy and super cost-effective ways of achieving this . . . → Read More: Massage in the workplace

Budget 2011

I think this synopsis from Reeves is a very good summary… click onto the pagename ‘Budget 2011’ above if you can’t see the two links below.

Reeves Budget Presentation

Or alternatively you can visit their site for more detailed alternatives.

Reeves budget 2011

Overall, it seems like a fairly sensible budget

Hear Hear

I would like to concur with Geriant Jones, Private Client Partner at Reeves regarding the need for a simpler and more straightforward tax system. In my view is it a key part of turning around the UK.

His suggestions at (yes, that is show the clarity of solution that can be achieved by . . . → Read More: Hear Hear

Noisy innovation

My sister-in-law, Kristin (check out her ceramics shop at if you’re looking for really fantastic Christmas presents!) very kindly sent me an article from the New Yorker about James Dyson… I have been a long-time fan of his products (no pun intended… see article!).

Unlike most people these days, she actually ripped the article . . . → Read More: Noisy innovation

The time is up on current policy thinking

The news that the Government still seems wedded to their aim to tax small businesses on their parking spaces suggests to me that we need to start thinking about policy in a different way. This legislation is indicative of a desire to merely recoup reserves that had been spent out on projects and have now . . . → Read More: The time is up on current policy thinking

Two Nations

I had the good fortune to catch the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States, live on Sky News earlier and I was struck by the eloquence with which President Obama delivered his inaugural speech.

If ever there was a clear demonstration of our two great nations and the common language that George . . . → Read More: Two Nations

Employment legislation

And note, whatever time & money the legislators feel a small business owner should spend understanding and complying with existing & new legislation will be multiplied by 4.7 million times. . . . → Read More: Employment legislation

Simple systems

When you glance at your watch for the time, do you look to see where the second-hand is? Sure, it’s more exact and if you were timing a race car it would be essential, but most of us get a sufficiently accurate picture from a glance at the hour-hand. If it’s not where we expect it to be we can always delve further. . . . → Read More: Simple systems

Managing change in China

It is going to be difficult enough to help China through the next decade or two, but if we seek to teach them an embarrassing lesson for having the strength to try, it could make the task almost impossible. . . . → Read More: Managing change in China

Government harassment

If the mandarins and politicians are prepared to even consider that policies can be implemented without making SME’s liable, then I’m sure that I’m not the only creative who is prepared to step forward and work with them to make it happen. . . . → Read More: Government harassment