Weighty agreement

As if to underline my post this morning, this article just arrived in my inbox.

I had the great double-honour to interview John Moulton on behalf of Stuart Slatter as part of my course on Turnaround Management at London Business School. Moulton is savvy beyond the ken of even gifted businessmen and I heartily recommend . . . → Read More: Weighty agreement

Approach to Poor Conditions

In this case we need to ensure our business is ready for the conditions, trimming unnecessary costs and setting strategies in advance of any problems. This requires your attention firmly on your business, on the environment, both internally and externally and on what is happening elsewhere in you industry. . . . → Read More: Approach to Poor Conditions

Simple systems

When you glance at your watch for the time, do you look to see where the second-hand is? Sure, it’s more exact and if you were timing a race car it would be essential, but most of us get a sufficiently accurate picture from a glance at the hour-hand. If it’s not where we expect it to be we can always delve further. . . . → Read More: Simple systems

New Business prospecting: second steps

Once you have a list of target prospects and have at least some sense of how your product or service can make their life easier or more enriching, contact needs to be made. . . . → Read More: New Business prospecting: second steps

Strategically planned thinking

I know. You don’t have time to think, let alone think strategically. But it’s a skill that you can learn and it’s an activity that can add considerable value to your business, so whilst it may not seem Urgent, it falls firmly into the Important quadrant.

I have coached teams to brainstorm more effectively in . . . → Read More: Strategically planned thinking

SME owner? Finding it hard to focus?

As companies mature after the often initial flush of success, the range of tasks that the owner manager has to deal with multiplies. Rather than focusing on the underlying need to generate income, which done successfully drives everything else, their attention is diverted by the need to… . . . → Read More: SME owner? Finding it hard to focus?

Networking etiquette

Let me ask you a question: What is your view of networking events? If your answer is other than ‘great’, then read on.

I have recently seen three good examples of local networking groups in my area, I participate regularly in events that just come under the heading of networking opportunities and I think that . . . → Read More: Networking etiquette

Making headway

Time and time again I speak to otherwise successful business owners who are having a problem making headway, generally in the area or marketing, branding or new business. The problem generally revolves around wanting to put the company’s best face forward and while this is laudable, it should not justify the what actually happens, which is nothing. . . . → Read More: Making headway

Evidence of customer focus

The point is to allow your customers, both current and potential, to feel that they matter to you and rather than just wanting to sell them anything you possibly can, that you merely understand their challenge. This is the first step in a much more durable, reciprocally rewarding relationship. . . . → Read More: Evidence of customer focus

Urgent vs Important

This is the quadrant where long-term effect on the business is generated, so plan to spend a good proportion of time here. . . . → Read More: Urgent vs Important