Great networking event model

This to me is networking at its very best, where the very act of learning through collaboration also helps people to determine who around the table might be worth talking to further and creates a natural opening to do so. . . . → Read More: Great networking event model

Networking etiquette

Let me ask you a question: What is your view of networking events? If your answer is other than ‘great’, then read on.

I have recently seen three good examples of local networking groups in my area, I participate regularly in events that just come under the heading of networking opportunities and I think that . . . → Read More: Networking etiquette

Warm hug

We spend a lot of time and effort designing our products, company mission statements, marketing activity etc, but if the organisation is not aligned with these claims, it’s just a mask. It’s not sufficient merely to aspire to the words you write… the company needs to live them to be authentic. . . . → Read More: Warm hug

Making headway

Time and time again I speak to otherwise successful business owners who are having a problem making headway, generally in the area or marketing, branding or new business. The problem generally revolves around wanting to put the company’s best face forward and while this is laudable, it should not justify the what actually happens, which is nothing. . . . → Read More: Making headway

Evidence of customer focus

The point is to allow your customers, both current and potential, to feel that they matter to you and rather than just wanting to sell them anything you possibly can, that you merely understand their challenge. This is the first step in a much more durable, reciprocally rewarding relationship. . . . → Read More: Evidence of customer focus