Happy Chinese New Year!

Networking skills Prezi

If you find networking a chore, then take a look at this guide!

Networking: a framework for success in Business and Life on Prezi

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Attention runners!

Please enter the fun competition on my running blog to win a £40 voucher off sports equipment at sportsballshop.co.uk/, sportsbras.co.uk/ or etoyszone.co.uk/.


Creativity in teams presentation

Thank you to the MBA students at Brighton Business School yesterday who allowed me to share my thoughts on how to be creative in teams. I have enclosed the slides below in case they help augment the notes and if you have any questions contact me at david@rallystrategic.com.

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The Honest Persuaders, John Bunyard, book launch

The long awaited book The Honest Persuaders, by John Bunyard, has quite literally just hit the market. It will shortly be available on Amazon but advance copies can be purchased here.

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A recent article in MT by Devora Zack and her accompanying book is the most sensible advice on networking that I have seen in an age.

The workshop that I developed is structured in a slightly different way and I thought it might be a useful counterpoint to Devora’s thinking to highlight it here. . . . → Read More: Networking

Of blogs, newsletters and stamina

At times there may seem to be an inconsistency between the general theme of my advice and my behaviour. I’m thinking here particularly in regard to this blog, but it may appear occasionally to manifest itself in other areas of my business too.

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Small lessons for bigger businesses

I run a lot, as you can see from my www.fosterRuns.com blog and as such I get through a steady stream of running shoes and other assorted gear. At the point where, early in 2004, I started training for the Berlin marathon, a friend kindly introduced me to Kurt, Fred and Tom at the small . . . → Read More: Small lessons for bigger businesses

New websites

This is a quick note to say that we have launched new websites for executive or SME coaching at www.rallystrategic.com and for mid-market companies in need of turnaround or performance improvement at www.rivopartners.com

Cross fertilisation

Readers might like to know that I have a second site at www.FosterRuns.com, where the visitors appear to come from very different places.