Warm hug

We spend a lot of time and effort designing our products, company mission statements, marketing activity etc, but if the organisation is not aligned with these claims, it’s just a mask. It’s not sufficient merely to aspire to the words you write… the company needs to live them to be authentic. . . . → Read More: Warm hug

Evidence of customer focus

The point is to allow your customers, both current and potential, to feel that they matter to you and rather than just wanting to sell them anything you possibly can, that you merely understand their challenge. This is the first step in a much more durable, reciprocally rewarding relationship. . . . → Read More: Evidence of customer focus

New Business prospecting: first steps

The more you understand these businesses, the easier it will be for you to see where you can add value, either with your product or service, or more interesting still, with some breakthrough thinking. . . . → Read More: New Business prospecting: first steps

Open door problem solving

I had the privilege to interview Jon Moulton of Alchemy Partners as part of my MBA programme. He is one really smart cookie and a genuinely warm and funny guy. He described the picture of a CEO of an ailing company, sitting head in hands in the gloom of his office, with the blinds down . . . → Read More: Open door problem solving