Networking skills Prezi

If you find networking a chore, then take a look at this guide!

Networking: a framework for success in Business and Life on Prezi

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Creativity in teams presentation

Thank you to the MBA students at Brighton Business School yesterday who allowed me to share my thoughts on how to be creative in teams. I have enclosed the slides below in case they help augment the notes and if you have any questions contact me at

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Workshop echoes

Thank you to those who attended our pilot workshop yesterday… your collective candour made for a really fun and interactive session.

The article below, by Freek Vermeulen of London Business School, echoes Jim Collins study Good to Great and reinforces one of the key messages from yesterday: namely that people are better able to judge . . . → Read More: Workshop echoes

The Honest Persuaders, John Bunyard, book launch

The long awaited book The Honest Persuaders, by John Bunyard, has quite literally just hit the market. It will shortly be available on Amazon but advance copies can be purchased here.

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A recent article in MT by Devora Zack and her accompanying book is the most sensible advice on networking that I have seen in an age.

The workshop that I developed is structured in a slightly different way and I thought it might be a useful counterpoint to Devora’s thinking to highlight it here. . . . → Read More: Networking

Getting More Referrals

Many of you will know my interest in Networking and some of you will have participated in one of my Networking Skills Workshops. As an extension to that, I’d like to draw your attention to an interesting webinar from John Niland and John Braught at Success 121 on the subject of Getting More Referrals.

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Two Nations

I had the good fortune to catch the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States, live on Sky News earlier and I was struck by the eloquence with which President Obama delivered his inaugural speech.

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Managing change in China

It is going to be difficult enough to help China through the next decade or two, but if we seek to teach them an embarrassing lesson for having the strength to try, it could make the task almost impossible. . . . → Read More: Managing change in China

Great networking event model

This to me is networking at its very best, where the very act of learning through collaboration also helps people to determine who around the table might be worth talking to further and creates a natural opening to do so. . . . → Read More: Great networking event model

New Business prospecting: second steps

Once you have a list of target prospects and have at least some sense of how your product or service can make their life easier or more enriching, contact needs to be made. . . . → Read More: New Business prospecting: second steps