Emerging: Karen Storey

Young people facing an uncertain economic future need authentic role models to inspire them to achieve more than their forebears. Karen Storey is one such role model, as an article in the influential magazine Wonderland testifies.

As ever it is the back story which is most relevant to the challenges that her peers face, in . . . → Read More: Emerging: Karen Storey

Mental bias in strategy assessment

This is a really interesting article from McKinsey & Co listing eight cognitive areas that we should check when creating and assessing strategies. https://www.mckinseyquarterly.com/Strategy/Strategic_Thinking/Hidden_flaws_in_strategy_1288

Lessons from Iron Men

The article below relates to the mental and physical training of top athletes in the gruelling sport of Iron Man. I think there are a lot of excellent insights that can be drawn from it for executives and entrepreneurs… I felt exhausted just reading about the process of developing top athletes!

What it shows is . . . → Read More: Lessons from Iron Men

Workshop: Self-Awareness & Personal Branding

David Mellor and I are piloting a new half-day workshop on the afternoon of 10th May in Sussex (near Gatwick) and the nominal £60+VAT course fee includes an interesting personal report as well as lunch.

Places are deliberately limited to eight and we have two or three remaining.

If you are interested, please drop me . . . → Read More: Workshop: Self-Awareness & Personal Branding

Humorous & instructive TED talk

In a talk full of humour, NYTimes columnist David Brooks shows that you can’t hope to understand humans as separate individuals making choices based on their conscious awareness.

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