Getting More Referrals

Many of you will know my interest in Networking and some of you will have participated in one of my Networking Skills Workshops. As an extension to that, I’d like to draw your attention to an interesting webinar from John Niland and John Braught at Success 121 on the subject of Getting More Referrals.

When . . . → Read More: Getting More Referrals

What start-ups are really like

This essay by Paul Graham of Y Combinator is OUTSTANDING and my sincere thanks to Jack Huang of Dealbunch for drawing it to my attention.

My advice is to do the MBA thang and read the conclusion (entitled The Super-Pattern) first, as this will give you a good idea whether it’s worth YOU reading the . . . → Read More: What start-ups are really like

Last minute pre-Christmas planning

Here are some thoughts carried over from last Christmas that are still valid, so before you kick-back and put your feet up for the winter break, here are a few simple tasks to give you a head-start when you get back in 2010.

Clear the decks: If you have a vague lull in work over . . . → Read More: Last minute pre-Christmas planning

PWC Turnaround Directors’ Survey

PWC’s latest Turnaround Directors survey makes interesting reading and whilst it does not specifically relate to the SME market, some very useful points are made.

Firstly, that there is a general reluctance of management to admit that they are struggling.

In addition to this being a primary barrier to seeking help, it also points to . . . → Read More: PWC Turnaround Directors’ Survey

Exercising behaviour

Running can be a great time to allow the mind to make connections and here are a few thoughts that I connected this morning as I ran out.

Our unconscious can hinder us from achieving difficult things, quietly robbing us of the resilience to keep going or preventing us from seeing how far we’ve come. . . . → Read More: Exercising behaviour

Last thoughts before Christmas

Have a relaxing Christmas and a healthy, happy and highly prosperous 2009! You really deserve it… just as soon as you’ve got these last few easy tasks wrapped up! . . . → Read More: Last thoughts before Christmas

Lack of Financial Control

Those people who have worked with me know that I am not an accountant, but this does not detract from the fact that I am a great advocate of management information. In fact, I am often staggered that businesses, usually smaller ones, have managed to survive at all without it and I would hypothesise that . . . → Read More: Lack of Financial Control

Weighty agreement

As if to underline my post this morning, this article just arrived in my inbox.

I had the great double-honour to interview John Moulton on behalf of Stuart Slatter as part of my course on Turnaround Management at London Business School. Moulton is savvy beyond the ken of even gifted businessmen and I heartily recommend . . . → Read More: Weighty agreement

Approach to Poor Conditions

In this case we need to ensure our business is ready for the conditions, trimming unnecessary costs and setting strategies in advance of any problems. This requires your attention firmly on your business, on the environment, both internally and externally and on what is happening elsewhere in you industry. . . . → Read More: Approach to Poor Conditions

How To Make The Best Of A Downturn – Part 2

There have been nine recessions in the last 50 years, each lasting an average of eleven months and as just another facet of business life they represent an opportunity to be grasped with both hands.

In the . . . → Read More: How To Make The Best Of A Downturn – Part 2