Massage in the workplace

Readers of my comments on the Management Today blog will know by now that I am a passionate advocate of employee engagement and of the tangible results that can be achieved by making incrementally small changes to the relationship between employers and their staff.

There are numerous easy and super cost-effective ways of achieving this and I have just experienced one of them first-hand.  My partner is an HR Advisor to an insurance company with about 200 employees and she uses Massage in the Workplace as part of their staff well-being programme… to very good effect by all accounts.

On Sunday I returned from completing the 108 mile Tour du Mont Blanc walk (a strenuous eleven day hike, completed with a friend in under five days TRIP account and photos here) and so today she sent Jeremy to my office to give me a sports massage.  One hour later and the tension in the muscles in my legs and around my neck has been gently kneaded away.

Normal chair massage sessions are just 20 minutes and it is these small indulgences which allow staff to feel that they are part of the company rather than merely cannon fodder… with a constant stream of research in MT, CIPD and other sources demonstrating that the latter is sadly the prevalent case.

So if you employ staff, think what you can do this month that might surprise and delight them.  The cost might be minimal but you’ll be surprised at how effective it is!

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