The Honest Persuaders, John Bunyard, book launch

The long awaited book The Honest Persuaders, by John Bunyard, has quite literally just hit the market.  It will shortly be available on Amazon but advance copies can be purchased here.

This is a very special book, not least because it sheds light on some of the major influences that I have had in my own life and thinking over the last 15 years.

The reader is taken on a highly engaging journey, through the experiences and thoughts that lay behind a simple yet remarkably disruptive idea.

It is made all the more powerful by the care with which its arguments have been constructed and the rigour with which they have been tested, in the real world, over the last decade or so.

If you are in business (big or small), you advise businesses, or particularly if you are involved in marketing, this is a book to buy, devour and act on before your competitors do.

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