Getting More Referrals

Many of you will know my interest in Networking and some of you will have participated in one of my Networking Skills Workshops. ¬†As an extension to that, I’d like to draw your attention to an interesting webinar from John Niland and John Braught at Success 121 on the subject of Getting More Referrals.

When it comes to the subject of Selling, these guys really know what they’re talking about and for anyone in a professional services, consultancy or entrepreneurial role, their insights into Referrals should be well worth hearing.

The subject matter covers the following key areas and I’m sure you’ll recognise at least some of them as points of pain!

  • why are professionals often wary of referral-conversations?
  • how to create the context that makes referrals happen naturally and authentically
  • small steps to get started
  • dealing with some of the tricky situations e.g. when no specific introductions are forthcoming
  • how to follow-up introductions
  • pitfalls to avoid
  • managing referrals from alliance-partners

It takes place on Wednesday March 24th at 9am UK time, 10 am CET… please register below and stick the date/time straight in your diary!

There is no cost to participants who register using the link below.

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