Two Nations

I had the good fortune to catch the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States, live on Sky News earlier and I was struck by the eloquence with which President Obama delivered his inaugural speech.

If ever there was a clear demonstration of our two great nations and the common language that George Bernard Shaw typified as dividing them, this was it.  

British politicians appear to speak in media friendly (or savvy?) sound-bites, aiming their message at the lowest common denominator, both in terms of language and the number of words.  

Obama, on the other hand, showed how truly inspiring a great orator can be, his rhetoric rallying the American people to stand firm against their current challenges, reminding them that countless others had faced far greater hardships to defend the freedoms they now experience.

He also reminded them (and the rest of the world) that despite their different creeds and religions, they stand together as Americans

I am unashamedly British, but I cannot remember being moved to tears by a British politician in the way that I was by President Obama today.  I would gladly see the return of inspirational oration to British politics, with a backbone of principles to back it up.  Furthermore, I would stand tall behind the idea of a Kingdom which is proud to be United by the strength of it’s diversity.

May the words of Obama inspire not only his own fellow countrymen, but also my fellow countrymen and whoever else will listen to him around the world.

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