Last thoughts before Christmas

If you haven’t already wrapped up & posted yourself home for Christmas, you might consider doing a few little tasks to help you get a boogie-on when 2009 dawns.

Clear the decks:  It’s not a very Christmassy thing to do, but unless you’re in again before the New Year, take down all the cards & decorations and take the opportunity to bring your filing up to date.  One of the results of eating, drinking and making merry is that you’ll hopefully forget about work and this is a whole lot easier if you’ve tied up all the loose ends that you can.  And coming back to old Christmas decorations in January is always a gloomy experience.

Review 2008:  With the heady combination of Christmas and economic gloom, it’s easy to forget what you really achieved in the last year and this is a poignant moment to reflect on your successes and failures.  It helps to put things in an excellent perspective and hopefully demonstrate that you’re pretty damn good at what you do, despite facing challenges like everyone else.

Preview 2009:  Think forward to this time next year and imagine that you’re opening a bottle of expensive bubbly to celebrate a stonking year.  Think about what kind of achievements would actually make it a great year.  Close your eyes and listen to the cork popping, hear the amber liquid fizzing into the glass and taste the sweet Champagne as the bubbles go up your nose.  Imagine toasting the people in your team and watching the looks of pride grow on their faces.

First 100 days:  Sketch out the tasks that you need to do in the first 100 days of next year that will make a real difference to your success.  Don’t get bogged down in detail at this stage, just focus on what needs to happen.  Once you’ve finished this outline, share it with your team so that everyone can see where you want to get to and how they can contribute.

First two weeks:  Plan in detail how you will spend the first couple of weeks after the break.  It’s too easy to waste time at the start of the year if you don’t have a clear plan and this period will really set the tone and pace for the other 50 weeks, so aim to be very busy indeed.  Not just busy though: busy working on important things, things that matter and make a difference.

You’ll be surprised that these visualising and planning tasks do not take long to do.  You’ll be amazed at how much more relaxed you’ll feel over Christmas having put 2008 to bed and with the clarity about what you’ll be doing when you return.  You will also be shocked at the amount of positive energy you’ll bring to work (and life) from the moment you get back.

Have a relaxing Christmas and a healthy, happy and highly prosperous 2009!  You really deserve it, just as soon as you’ve got these last few easy tasks wrapped up!

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