8: On-going driver training

People who are passionate about driving (myself included) and those whose skills need to be beyond reproach (like racing drivers, chauffeurs and Police Drivers) regularly question their skills and participate in advanced driver training.

As we learn about any new subject, such as driving or running a business, we go through four stages of consciousness (or awareness) and competence.  We get in the car for the first time with our driving instructor and we are unconscious of our incompetence; as we start to drive we quickly become conscious of our incompetence; we develop our skills and slowly become conscious of our competence; we drive every day for years and we eventually become unconscious of our competence.  We drive automatically, changing gears, braking and steering whilst looking at the road ahead.  And this last stage is where many people stay, both as drivers and as businessmen.

But without thinking or questioning the status quo, we slowly adopt habits and opinions that are sub-optimal to the task at hand.  We drive with our elbow on the window or holding a mobile phone to our ear, close the gap when someone tries to pull in front of us and try, impatiently, to pass other cars on our short journey to work.  Likewise, we think that we are better at doing a task than our employees, we stop joining them at the pub on a Thursday night, we take our work home, and get stressed on a Sunday night when we haven’t had a weekend.  Again.

But these simple faults can be remedied very easily if we have an interest in doing so.  We simply need to become conscious of our incompetence’s and work to become competent again. 

To my mind, simple, mandatory, refresher training for drivers would make huge economic sense in its inaugural year, saving insurance companies millions of pounds and reducing premiums and heartache.  And as with driving training, bringing in an external coach or business advisor for a short time every so often can pay dividends, quite literally, in the success of your business, whilst helping to reduce your levels of stress.

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