How To Make The Best Of A Downturn – Part 1

There have been nine recessions in the last 50 years, each lasting an average of eleven months and as just another facet of business life they represent an opportunity to be grasped with both hands.

In the . . . → Read More: How To Make The Best Of A Downturn – Part 1

8: On-going driver training

People who are passionate about driving (myself included) and those whose skills need to be beyond reproach (like racing drivers, chauffeurs and Police Drivers) regularly question their skills and participate in advanced driver training.

As we learn about any new subject, such as driving or running a business, we go through four stages of consciousness . . . → Read More: 8: On-going driver training

7: Limit handling

Even with good planning, foresight and management information, unforeseen things can still happen that threaten the business. In our analogous car, we may be driving slowly and cautiously because it’s a frosty morning, but we may still not be able to avoid hitting another car skidding out of control towards us. All we can do . . . → Read More: 7: Limit handling

6: Instrumentation

Cars have a variety of instrumentation including the ubiquitous speedometer and odometer, rev counter, oil pressure gauge, turbo boost gauge, warning lights for the traction control and so on. The general rule is that cars have instruments that give the driver information appropriate for that vehicle. So while a battery powered town car might need . . . → Read More: 6: Instrumentation