4: In-car communication

Most parents will know first-hand the cries of ‘are we there yet’ coming from the back seat.  We might have have planned our journey, but our small passengers can quickly bore of looking at the back of our seat.  In fact, even someone sitting beside us may be itching to take a break.

Our fellow Directors may have been involved in the planning of the business journey, but their focus should be on their own responsibilities, so they need to be kept updated about the holistic viewpoint.  This does not mean giving them a blow-by-blow account of the day-to-day challenges, but rather a measure of our current challenges against the overall target.

Workers lower down in the organisation need to be given a broad understanding of what the journey entails and how they fit into this, with updates to let them know the progress made.  They certainly need to be advised if we decide to alter our destination at any point along the way and they, like the Directors, will value any involvement they have in this change.  Imagine how upset our small passengers might be if we took the decision to extend our journey without checking if they needed to go to the toilet first, or changed our mind en route to Disneyland in favour of the beach.

To maintain a focussed, happy business, we need to communicate: both ways, at all levels, internally and externally and on an ongoing basis.  ENGAGE!

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