Great networking event model

I attended an excellent networking event last night, run at the Arora International Hotel in Crawley by the Sussex CIM group. 

The format was worthy of note as it involved a series of simultaneous round table discussions, each hosted by a pair of industry experts, with subjects such as: Building On-line Business; Latest Market Research Techniques; Email & Database Marketing; How to Handle Journalists & Making the Most of PR. 

People were able to spend an hour in one discussion, before joining a different discussion for a second hour, if they wished, after a short break.  As each group was only around ten people, each table could really get to grips with individuals’ specific and real challenges and bring a number of different industry perspectives to bear on ideas and potential solutions.

This to me is networking at its very best, where the very act of learning through collaboration also helps people to determine who around the table might be worth talking to further and creates a natural opening to do so.  Interestingly, it was also possible to see how people think/work/interact in a real situation, which is great insight in deciding whether they will be able to help solve challenges in a more formal environment.

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