Making headway

Time and time again I speak to otherwise successful business owners who are having a problem making headway, generally in the area or marketing, branding or new business. The problem generally revolves around wanting to put the company’s best face forward and while this is laudable, it should not justify the what actually happens, which is nothing. . . . → Read More: Making headway

Evidence of customer focus

The point is to allow your customers, both current and potential, to feel that they matter to you and rather than just wanting to sell them anything you possibly can, that you merely understand their challenge. This is the first step in a much more durable, reciprocally rewarding relationship. . . . → Read More: Evidence of customer focus

New Business prospecting: first steps

The more you understand these businesses, the easier it will be for you to see where you can add value, either with your product or service, or more interesting still, with some breakthrough thinking. . . . → Read More: New Business prospecting: first steps

Urgent vs Important

This is the quadrant where long-term effect on the business is generated, so plan to spend a good proportion of time here. . . . → Read More: Urgent vs Important