Open door problem solving

I had the privilege to interview Jon Moulton of Alchemy Partners as part of my MBA programme. He is one really smart cookie and a genuinely warm and funny guy. He described the picture of a CEO of an ailing company, sitting head in hands in the gloom of his office, with the blinds down . . . → Read More: Open door problem solving


There are two common problems that face entrepreneurs and small businesses (along with ordinary folk from every walk of life): perfectionism and planning. These two go hand in hand and I shall be expounding on them each over time, but I wanted to start by demonstrating how they manifest themselves by speaking about this site.

. . . → Read More: Planning

First thoughts

It is interesting that, in the same way that starting a task can be difficult, the closer we get to acheiving a goal, the more our resolve to complete it can ebb away. . . . → Read More: First thoughts